Gem Containers

Branding, Web Design, Communications, CGIs, Animations
Project Overview
Gem Containers needed to revamp their website and brand to appeal to investors and new clients.
Interpretations work
Interpretations, first started by looking at the brand and started developing a good understanding of Gems business. We built a simple brand definition and built on that to create key messages. In terms of the corporate identity and logo, we developed the highly recognisable old Gem into a modern contemporary 3D logo which we thoroughly tested on container tanks first before deploying on the website. We helped Gem at every stage of the process by producing initial drafts of the structure and copy of the site, which we were able to agree and then develop as a team.
Gem containers brand is very much about attention to detail and quality, and the product itself.

Interpretations came up with the idea to show Gems tank containers in situ, in iconic 'shipping' locations using CGIs. This worked really well for 'hero images' for the top of each web page. It would be impossible to achieve this kind of photoshoot cost-effectively with real photography, but using our computer-generated image skills, we were able to make very realistic images.
Computer Generated Images